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Various Types of Commercial Divers

The paragraph on each line contains an informative link. Answers to questions by industry leaders and members who have seen it first hand.

There are many field, this link will take you to a page that describes in detail a few recognized classifications.

US Army Corps of Engineers

 For waterfront Property owners and businesses involved in waterfront operations inland) 

USACE DIving Regulations 


United States Coast Guard Commercial Diving Rules

Every Government agency has it's own specific rules - when the project changes so change the rules and we are bound to them.

USCG Diving Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Reg.'s are 90% of our business, knowing when and where they change is just as important to a diver as knowing how and when to breathe especially in regard to USACE Diving and USCG Diving operations. I hope that these industry & public links provide valuable information that those who visit choose to use, rather than have forced on them by a government inspector or Diving Superintendent.Our job is to inform the public before a fatality occurs.

Commercial vs. Recreational


These are simple Rules that govern the commercial diving industry. They do not include, authorize or protect recreationally carded divers. These guides are "knowledge" for the protection of the public and businesses we serve. We are available for free consultations. Advice in advance is free, after the fact is too late. We guarantee the safest most cost effective teams and equipment in use. 

Mil-Vet Professional Divers 2015© Why We Exist


Every year nearly 90 men & women tragically and needlessly lose their lives in our industry in the US alone. Worldwide numbers surpass over 500.  Well over 40% of these are  Recreational SCUBA Divers; who are told repeatedly by their  PADI  & NAUI instructors that their Dive Cards do not meet even the minimum  requirements under 29 or 46 CFR; i.e, they are not authorized to perform any work outside the instruction of residents or tourists. This is not opinion but PADI documented fact. Still it continues; costing U.S. businesses (and taxpayers) millions in  damages paid to recreational divers (or their families) who "knowingly" had no authority to be on site or in the water in the first place.

Often costing companies large & small the ability to recover.

We exist - to end the confusion, misrepresentations, & deceptive business practices of unqualified, unethical recreational SCUBA shops in our state and region.

We exist - to protect the assets, employees & businesses that rely on and require our skills, certifications and expertise.

We exist - due to Government requirements in place that require all divers performing work for pay be Commercially (not Recreationally ) certified. 


PADI vs Commercial Credentials is an Open Letter from the President and World Wide Chief Executive Director to the current ADCI director written in 2010.

If you have been approached or contacted by any Recreational Shop from Michigan or any other State read this before you sign an unenforceable contract. 

We have also provided our Capabilities Statement for preview or download  in an attempt to relay advice (which is always free) or council as an expert on related subject matter..