A-P.I.E. Defined

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 During initial contact and during a scheduled site visit, an assessment is made to establish equipment need & placement arrangements to ensure our operations do not interfere with or prevent necessary daily operations of the client. Arrangements are made with emergency response teams  in the event we require outside aid. 


We utilize government resources to identify and assess any and all possible risk prior to contract writing or water entry. We develop and submit our dive plan in accordance with each clients requirements.

Using underwater video & R.O.V. imaging to document and identify all possible "unknowns" that must be dealt with as part of the service contract. Project management, first plans the required and necessary work and then issues work to our team under the accepted plan once approved.


 Once our assessment and dive plan have been approved, insured and finalized we begin our mobilization and load out process, ensuring that all team and site necessary equipment have been approved for deployment. Logistics and housing established; we arrive on or before our target date  to effectively execute the plan as written without unnecessary delay.


 Once on site, we deliver exactly as contracted with military precision. Our competitors cannot begin to come close. No change of scope occurs without client approval & authorization. Change orders are often necessary to effectively meet the clients exact need but are never initiated without discussion, a new or modified dive plan approval, or signature. 

Mil-Vet Professional  Divers teams are classified as underwater specialty trade contractors; required to document and maintain detailed and accurate site reports for each client and each project we perform for that client. These documents are in both written and video formats, providing a sustainable record for any possible audit or inspection. Video is never edited it is a real time legal document of the clients project. Dock, Dam & Ship Services video may be edited on request but both realtime and edited versions are submitted to our clients.

This is extremely valuable to our clients who provide services to Government agencies and international clients.

Government Resources & Project Management

Detroit District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

 477 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48226 

 (313) 226-6413 

US Coast Guard


Address: 294 N Lakeshore Blvd,                Marquette, MI 49855

Phone: (906) 226-3312


 Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Administration (MIOSHA)
530 W. Allegan Street
P.O. Box 30643
Lansing, Michigan 48909-8143 


800-TO-MIOSH or

Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit TWO 1004 Hermitage Rd, BLDG 2052,


1004 Hermitage Rd, BLDG 2052,

Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek - Ft. Story

Virginia Beach, VA  23459

(757) 462-4279 

Federal OSHA

 Federal Diving Regulations

29 CFR 1915 General Industry Rules


46  USCG Dept of Homeland Security

CFRTitle 46Chapter ISubchapter V › Part 197  

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