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About Us

Who We Are

 M.V.P.D. is a Service Disabled Veteran & Minority  Owned Small Business, based in in the Township of Cedar River & Stephenson, MI.  

The only one if its kind based in Michigan's Upper Peninsula; providing Certified Air/Mixed Gas Surface Supplied Divers, & specialized underwater services to the entire U.P. From small private projects to those under government contract.

We are "investing" in our community by "reinvesting" in the U.S. Veterans that have and continue to serve it.

We are now listed as  Underwater Contractors, with 25 of our Nation's "Top Government Vendors" which  include Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics & Flour. 

​ Our "Talent Pool" contains craftsmen & women from nearly every marine, industrial, commercial & residential craft trade. 

If it involves topside, waterfront,  or in-water services, we have done it -legally & by the "Book".

 From live stock ponds & marina's to municipal water towers & clear wells to services on our nation's  military bases, fleet, harbors and  oil fields. We are there, still serving our country's most valuable asset- its people.

​Our Teams;  live & breathe -

"Service above Oneself".

Each, are trained to current U.S. Government requirements in underwater specialties and dive medicine appropriate to their position. All, the most safety conscious men & women with respect to the skills they provide our clients.

We maintain the highest professional and government required standards; in both our team and equipment; and in our services.

We guarantee;  rapid response, quality service and a safely executed project.

Dive teams world wide agree that strict  adherence to Government mandated training & operations save lives, protect client assets which increases profit.

What We Do


We Provide our Clients

O.S.H.A. Defined , U.S.C.G., U.S.A.C.E.

US NAVY Equivalent  

 6-Man Dive Teams

Surface Supplied Air /Mixed Gas  Systems, Mobile Dive Station, Hats, and all industry required P.P.E. -By requirement.


Include But Not Limited To:  

  • ​​​Topside & Underwater services
  • Ship Building & Related Services
  • U /W Video ​Inspections
  • Investigations
  • Marine Construction
  • ​Marine Salvage
  • Underwater Repair
  • Welding/Burning
  • Remediation / Environmental
  • Invasive Species / Plant Removal
  • Special Vessel Modifications
  • Structural/Pipe Fabrication & Installation 
  • ​Confined Space Trained Entry
  • Suction Dredge, Boat  & Barge Design, Construction & Service
  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial  & Marine Fabrication


MIL-VET PROFESSIONAL DIVERS use only current  U.S . NAVY DIVE MANUALS & TABLES  on every project & maintains  "ON SITE" an  EM-385-1-1 SITE SAFETY DIVE PLAN. -   A combination of all U.S.C.G, U.S.A.C.E. & U.S.N. DIVING OPERATION rules & regulations. 

All U.S. Commercial Diving Agencies are required to communicate these regulations to our clients for safety & insurance requirements by O.S.H.A. & the United States Coast Guard. 

 We are bound to them by 

Federal & State Law.

 Don't be conned by anyone  claiming to be what we are. 

Mil-Vet Professional Divers vs. Our Local Competition


VALUE -    


Our Training Requires: 740 HOURS, hands on training. 

By U.S. Government Definition - Each diver must carry an Air/Mixed Gas Surface Supplied training Credential / Card. 

Each Is trained to U.S. Government requirements  on U.S. Navy Tables, the use of Surface Supplied Air Systems

& Dive Medicine. 

Our craftsmen to industry standard.


We know, work  and live by the letter of the law- never an interpretation of it. 


M.V.P.D. relocated to Michigan's Upper Peninsula in 2014. providing  affordable, legal, government compliant  services to Northern Michigan & Northeast Wisconsin industry & agencies.

 365 days a year 24 hours a day; regardless of sea state or weather, & we are here to stay.


Our team  members are trained documented U.S. Veterans who have chosen to continue to serve our communities and neighbors as they once served their country.  


Here in the UP and Upper Wisconsin? 

We have none. 

Our closest legitimate competitor is nearly 5+ hours from the Upper Peninsula. Which means you'll be put on a waiting list for service you may need immediately, and pay for travel, lodging and other expenses in addition to the services.

When hiring any Diving Contractor for any project-

 Demand to see a valid Air/Mixed Gas Surface Supplied training Certificates for each team member including the supervisor who will be on site. 


Our Value, Integrity, Commitment & Honor; cannot be matched by anyone.

Work Boat / Fast Boat Design & Build Services

Fast Response Vessels

In response to Government demand and requirements, The Mil Vet Pro Services Team is looking for waterfront buildings in the U.P. of Michigan & North West Wisconsin to begin constructing the first line of work boats & fast response boats to be built here in the U.P.

Applications & Resumes

We are always accepting resumes  of qualified Divers & Marine Craftsmen.

Electricians, Fitters, Welders

All Industrial / Commercial / Residential & Marine  Crafts 

Contact us (use the link below) and we will arrange an interview. 


We have 5- 8 x 8 Floating Dock sections available. All Aluminum Welded  Frames. Hand Rails can be made and  fixed to suit need.

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We are on call 24/7, 365 days a year; in the event of any Marine Emergency, Marine Salvage or Disaster Response Request. Regardless of Weather Conditions or Sea State.