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      Michigan Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs                 AOI # F21229   Cage Code: 7BDH3  DUNS#: 079712264


Commercial & Military Hat Divers have been operating world wide for well over 200 years especially here at  our home base  here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan- far longer than recreational SCUBA has existed; and for good reason. Working Diver Training & Credential Requirements have been in place and heavily enforced since the early 1990's. 

We are very proud, to have been a part of that tradition and its history since 1983.

Mil-Vet Professional Divers: Is currently the only state registered & credentialed - Top-side and Underwater services  provider based in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Like our Military Counterparts; Deploy-able by land, air and sea in less than 20 minutes to any disaster or work site; state or world wide.  No other Professional Dive Team can offer what we bring to the table.

M.V.P.D., provides Military, A.D.C.I. & I.M.C.A. certified commercial diving services, these certifications protect not only our divers; but the clients we serve nationwide. We serve & protect community, state and federal interests, and underwater projects by maintaining U.S. Government required certifications; certifications a recreational dive shop cannot provide a business client, and required by law.


Commercial Diving is classified by the U.S. Department of Labor as an "Industrial Trade" and is deadly enough to trained specialists; without allowing  SCUBA folk looking to make a name for themselves on an industrial work-site; which includes: Dock Walls, Shipyards, Water Treatment Services, Dams, Bridges, or Hydro Electric providers - any "work or salvage "- inland or offshore.

For  the last twenty seven years;  a local Menominee County Recreational Dive Shop. has led the local business community to believe just the opposite and sold  services  which cannot be legally offered or insured under their recreational diving  credentials & county / state registration. 

Recreational Divers are  "banned" from performing any activity deemed "work", in all U.S. waters by D.O.L., U.S.C.G. & O.S.H.A. directives (in every state except Wisconsin apparently). "Personal skill" and "business-references" are no excuse or exception to industry defined rules; for the diver or their client. The company that hires them however, is always held responsible when an accident or fatality occurs, availability and lower cost are not a legal defense.


 Based on Government approved and taxpayer funded research; these industry methods and safe practice U.S. Commercial Diving & Military regulations continue to surpass any offered by the recreational SCUBA community. In the last decade; for this very reason, even military diving units have begun to transition back to traditional Hat Diving & Surface Supplied Air Systems (the same systems Commercial Divers are required to use in any industrial environment); restricting the use of SCUBA equipment to emergency need and combat required missions. 


U.S. businesses (and taxpayers) pay millions annually in medical expenses & damages to recreational divers (or families) who intentionally decieved clients &  had no authority towork under water. 

 Yet sadly every year, more than 90 men & women tragically and needlessly lose their lives or suffer permanent injuries in the US alone; (many of these pay with their lives) attempting to "side-step" government training requirements & regulations. 

 Recreational Divers; each who were taught & told  by both P.A.D.I. & N.A.U.I . certifying agencies that Recreational Dive Cards "do not meet " even the minimum industrial training requirements under 29 or 46 CFR; and are "not qualified " to perform services deemed "work" by the U.S.D.O.L. (Dept. of Labor). Our "Industry link page" has a downloadable copy of this letter.  



Our Mission is to ensure our clients here in the U.P. and Wisconsin are protected by our compliance with these federal requirements.

Make the Right Choice - Call us for an estimate & site evaluation. What you save will far outweigh the cost of our services.

Your business and your team; deserve the best legal, affordable underwater & topside support team available and

 Mil-Vet Pro Divers

 is that team. 

About Us

Who We Are

 Based in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, in the Township of Cedar River - Stephenson, MI; 

M.V.P.D. is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

The only one if its kind within a 260 mile radius of Menominee County, MI

We are "reinvesting" in our community by investing in the U.S. Veterans that have and continue to serve it.

We are currently under contract with the Department of Defense &  listed as  Underwater Contractors, with 25 of our Nation's "Top Government Vendors" which  include Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics & Flour. 

​ Our "Talent Pool" contains craftsmen & women from nearly every industrial, commercial & residential craft trade  If it involves topside, waterfront,  or in-water services, we have done it.  From municipal water towers & clear wells to construction, services on our nation's  Naval Fleet, harbors and  oil fields. We are there, still serving our country's most valuable asset- its people.

​Our Teams;  live & breathe -

"Service above Oneself",  it is all a veteran knows. Each, are trained to current U.S. Government requirements in underwater specialties and dive medicine appropriate to their position. All, the most safety conscious men & women with respect to the risk they accept.

We maintain the highest professional and government required standards; in both our team and equipment; 

We guarantee;  rapid response, quality service and a safely executed project.

"The Divers Association"  members and Dive teams world wide proudly offer information and answers to questions on their site.

What We Do


Boat & Barge repair and construction, Private, Commercial, Industrial Services

We Provide our Clients:


O.S.H.A. Defined 

US NAVY Equivilent  

 Minimum Standard 6-Man Teams

Surface Supplied Air /Mixed Gas  Systems, Mobile Dive Station, Hats, and Required P.P.E.


Include But Not Limited To:  

  • ​​​Topside & Underwater services
  • Ship Building & Related Services
  • U /W Video ​Inspections
  • Investigations
  • Marine Construction
  • ​Marine Salvage
  • Underwater Repair
  • Welding/Burning
  • Remediation / Environmental
  • Invasive Species / Plant Removal
  • Special Vessel Modifications
  • Structural/Pipe Fabrication & Installation 
  • ​Confined Space Trained Entry
  • Suction Dredge, Boat  & Barge Design & Construction
  • Residential, Commercial, Industrial  & Marine Fabrication




Mil-Vet Professional Divers vs. Our Local Competition


VALUE -    


Our Training Requires: 740 HOURS, hands on training  and 18 Years old at minimum.

Each diver must carry them.

Is trained to U.S. Government requirements  on U.S. Navy Tables and  the use of Surface Supplied Air Systems;  Clients using a Government required "Earned Value Management System" require system compliance that locally;  only we provide. 


We know, work  and live by the letter of the law- not interpretations of it. 


MVPD relocated to Michigan's Upper Peninsula in 2014 to bring  affordable, legal, government compliant  services to Northern Michigan & Northeast Wisconsin industry & agencies.

 365 days a year 24 hours a day; regardless of sea state or weather, & we are here to stay.


Our team  members are trained documented U.S. Veterans who have chosen to continue to serve our communities and neighbors as they once served their country. We do things by the book -not by interpretation. 

We follow and exemplify the letter of the law in all we do. 


Is just a  -

RECREATIONAL DIVE SHOP   based in Menominee, MI  -  trained to teach  residents and tourists only. (TRAINING REQUIRED 40 HOURS /ONLINE 10 YRS OLD MIN) .  A Child can receive a Master Scuba rating at age 10!  


Our Value, Integrity & Commitment cannot be matched by this or any recreational dive certificate.

Work Boat / Fast Boat Design & Build Services

Fast Response Vessels

In response to Government demand and requirements, The Mil Vet Pro Services Team is looking for waterfront buildings in the U.P. to begin constructing the first line of work boats & fast response boats to be built here in the U.P.

Applications & Resumes

We are always accepting resumes  of qualified Divers & Marine Craftsmen.

Electricians, Fitters, Welders

All Industrial / Commercial / Residential & Marine  Crafts 

Contact us (use the link below) and we will arrange an interview. 


We are offering Annual set response rates to new clients on our services. One contract at a blanket rate guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months.

Contact Us

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Request a site visit during or after normal business hours & weekends.  

Mil-Vet Pro Divers

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We are on call 24/7, 365 days a year; in the event of any Marine Emergency, Marine Salvage or Disaster Response Request. Regardless of Weather Conditions or Sea State.